Elections for Order of the Arrow recognition will be held on Monday,
April 29, 2002. All Scouts who meet the OA eligibility requirements
of being a First Class Scout and having compiled the appropriate long
and short-term outdoor camping record of 15 days in the last two
years will be listed on a ballot. Each Scout in the Troop will vote
for All, None, or specifically each eligible Scout on the ballot.
When voting for Scouts to be "Called Out" for OA, you should
be looking for Scouts who enjoy camping and are willing to provide
service to maintain Scout camps and other camping facilitates.

Elections for the Senior Patrol Leader and 5 Patrol Leaders will also
be held on Monday, April 29, 2002. A few changes are planned from our
previous election process. The Troop Committee has agreed that in
order to provide more leadership opportunities and to conform to BSA
policy, Junior Leaders will serve for a 6-month period instead of one
year. This period of service will be from mid-May to mid-November
(which includes Summer Camp Leadership) and from mid-November to mid-
May. These periods were chosen to minimize the impact of Scouts
participating in varsity sport activities either in the Fall or
Winter/Spring periods.

Star Scouts and above interested in being elected as Senior Patrol
Leader for the Summer and Fall 2002 period should nominate themselves
by contacting Mr. Fraile or Mr. Sindorf prior to the end of the April
22nd Troop Meeting to be listed on the ballot.

First Class Scouts and above interested in being elected for one of
the five Patrol Leader positions for the Summer and Fall 2002 period
should nominate themselves by contacting Mr. Fraile or Mr. Sindorf
prior to the end of the April 22nd Troop Meeting to be listed on the
ballot. Patrol Leaders will be assigned by the elected Senior Patrol
Leader to a patrol while taking consideration of their present patrol

Just prior to the election, each Scout who has been nominated will be
requested to introduce themselves to the Troop. They should provide a
summary of their Scouting experience (Cub Scouts, other Troops, etc),
their present rank and progress toward and goal for their next rank,
and how they intend to improve the function of the Troop if elected
to the desired position.

Other Leadership opportunities that are available include Assistant
Senior Patrol Leaders, Troop Guide, Instructors, Quartermaster,
Librarian, Historian, Scribe (Records), and Scribe (Webmaster). ASPL,
Troop Guide, and Instructors must be Star Scouts or above while the
remaining positions may be any rank. Additionally, Junior Assistant
Scoutmasters may be assigned for those Eagle Scouts over 16. All
interested Scouts should contact Mr. Fraile or Mr. Sindorf prior to
the elections for these positions.

Junior Leader Training for the new SPL, ASPL, Troop Guide and Patrol
Leaders will be held on Wednesday, May 1st from 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Leadership transition will occur such that the new Junior Leadership
is in place by Monday, May 20th. This means that the last activity
supported by the present leadership will be the May Camporee.

Following the elections, the new Senior Patrol Leader will:
1. Select one Troop Guide and 5 Instructors (for each patrol) –
first from volunteers, then assigned as necessary.
2. Select an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader who will assist in
running the Troop Meetings and fulfill the requirements of any
support Junior Leader position in the next paragraph not filled by a
3. Select a Quartermaster, a Librarian, an Historian, a Scribe
(Records), and a Scribe (Webmaster) from the volunteers.

On May 20th, the Senior Patrol Leader will:
1. Create a Leadership Patrol consisting of himself, the ASPL, Troop
Guide, and Support Junior Leaders (also any Junior Assistant
Scoutmasters assigned).
2. Reassign all remaining First Class and above Scouts who are not
assigned as a Patrol Leader or Instructors and are at least 14 years
old, to the Venture Patrol. He will then cause the Venture Patrol
members to elect a Patrol Leader and an Assistant.
3. Direct each new Patrol Leader to have a patrol election for
Assistant Patrol Leader.

Leadership Position Descriptions

This is an experienced Scout who is responsible for the running of
the Troop meetings. The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Troop Guide,
and Patrol Leaders report to him and assist him in planning and
executing the Troop Program Plan. He works directly with the
Scoutmaster and makes a monthly report to the Troop Committee on both
completed and planned activities. He runs the Patrol Leaders Council
which plans and coordinates all Troop activities.

Appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader to act in his absence. Each of
the support Junior Leaders (Quartermaster, Scribe, Historian, and
Librarian) report to him.

This is an experienced Scout who is responsible for the Skills
advancement of all Scouts. He reports to the SPL and has each of the
assigned patrol Instructors reporting to him. He will ensure that the
Troop Program Plan allows for adequate skills training opportunities
including outdoor camping events to develop skills. When new Scouts
join the Troop, he will be their immediate mentor until they are
assigned and introduced into a patrol.

Experienced Scouts assigned by the Senior Patrol Leader or Troop
Guide who provide basic skill instruction to Scouts not yet First
Class. He will be assigned to a patrol and will work closely with the
Patrol Leader to effectively advance all Scouts through the skill
ranks. He reports to the Troop Guide but is an active and
participating member of his assigned patrol under the Patrol Leader.

As defined in the Boy Scout handbook except that he is elected by the
troop in general as opposed to a single patrol.

He is the supply and equipment boss. Equipment shall be signed out to
the Patrol Leaders so that the Quartermaster knows where and when the
equipment will be used. He reports to the ASPL on equipment needs and

Traditionally this Scout has been responsible for maintaining photos
and news articles and creating a public affairs function for the
Troop. Since Troop 99 is approaching the 50th charter year. This
Scout will be needed to create an archive of historical facts and
former members for a 50th celebration. He reports to the ASPL.

Maintains the Merit Badge pamphlet library. Reports to the ASPL.

Maintains the attendance and advancement records in the Troopmaster
software database. He reports to the ASPL and is assisted by the
Troop Committee Advancement Chair.

Maintains the Troop 99 Web Page by keeping the Calendar and other
documents up to date and provides short news stories and photos for
the public web site. He will closely coordinate with the Historian.
He reports to the ASPL

Assists a Den or Webelos Leader in running Den Meetings. Serves as a
Recruiter for the Troop by demonstrating to Cub Scouts what Boy
Scouting is about. He serves in this leadership position either as a
patrol member or in another Junior Leader position.